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XTM Cloud 13.4

Segment options

To access options for the relevant XTM Workbench segment, right-click this segment. Then, in the dropdown, select Segment options.

The segment options that you see depend on the system and user settings and the segment type. They can include:

  • Change segment status – You can change the segment status. To do so, hover over the Change segment status until you see the context menu to the right. In it, select one of the available statuses:

    Table 93. Segment statuses in XTM Workbench




    Draft. Use this status to enter a translation in a segment and move on to the next segment, without validating it. The segment will either be saved or updated in the TM.




    Non-translatable. Non-translatable segments are marked with the letter “N” and displayed in the place of a populated match value. You can assign the Non-translatable status manually if the target segment is identical to the source segment.

    The segment status can be changed to translatable at the stage of correction.


    To be corrected. This status can only be applied by correctors and reviewers.


    Incomplete in this and previous steps. This status informs an XTM Workbench user that a segment has not been set to Completed in the previous step.

  • Change XLIFF:doc status – This option is displayed if your XTM Cloud Administrator has enabled TIPP in your XTM Cloud instance (for details, see General system settings). If you select this option and then the XLIFF:doc segment status, the relevant status is displayed in XTM Workbench, to the left of the standard XTM Workbench status. To change the status of a segment, select the required status from the dropdown. The XLIFF:doc statuses are:

    • -1: Rejected.

    • 1: New.

    • 2: Translated.

    • 3: Proofed.

    • 4: Validated.

  • Lock segment and Unlock segment options – These options are displayed if your XTM Cloud Administrator or Project Manager have granted you the segment locking rights.

  • Check current segment and Remove QA marking options can be used to run QA on the active segment and remove QA markings in the active segment.

  • Merge with preceding segment and Unmerge preceding segment options – For detailed description of these segment options, see Merging and unmerging segments.

  • Do not save translation in TM – If you do not want a translation of the segment to be saved in the translation memory, select this option.