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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adding User rate cards

XTM Cloud has a highly flexible rate card function that supports billing in a defined currency.


Each user can have only one active billing currency!

This currency and its associated rate cards are used when creating purchase orders for the user.

  1. Select the Users tab.

  2. Select the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to the required user's name.

  3. From the context menu, select tags_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Rate cards.

  4. Set the billing currency from the dropdown.

  5. Select Add.

  6. Fill in the rate card details:

    1. Rate card name.

    2. Language combinations: either single languages or groups.

    3. Subject matter: multiple selections possible.

    4. Choose calculation method Calculate using:

      1. Factors: enter a base price which will be multiplied by the percentage values you enter for the different types of match in each step, to work out the cost.

      2. Actual price: enter the actual prices for each type of match for each step.

    5. Minimum charge per project.

    6. Minimum charge per language.

    7. For General fixed price set:

      1. A fixed price per project.

      2. A fixed price per language.

      3. A fixed price per file.

      4. A management fee percentage.

    8. For Workflow steps define:

      1. Price per hour.

      2. The rates for fuzzy matching factors or actual prices can be set as a global figure or individual figures for each band.

  7. Select Save.

You can also add a rate card to a User group.