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XTM Cloud 13.4

Opening a chat box from the Query management popup

You can use the Query management popup to search for and display all chats available to you.

To open a chat box from the Query management popup:
  1. In the right-hand corner of the top navigation bar, select the XTM Chat icon chat_icon__from_Project_list.svg.

  2. Go to the bottom of the dropdown list.

  3. Select the arrow-up-right-from-square-regular.svg Access Query management to see more chats button.


    The Query management popup is displayed.

  4. Use the available chat filter parameters and sorting options to find a required chat.

  5. Enable the Show only unread chats slider and select Search to narrow your search down to chats with unread messages and unread mentions.

  6. Click on the table row that contains the relevant information about the required chat.


    A chat box is displayed at the bottom of the screen. To rearrange chat boxes, click on the top bar of the selected chat box and drag it to a new location on the screen.

  7. Click xmark-light.svg or the Close button to close the Query management popup.


If you open XTM Cloud in a new tab or a new browser window, chat boxes opened in the previous tabs or windows become inactive.

Chat boxes are only active in the most recently opened tab or window.