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XTM Cloud 13.4

Linguist general options

To access the Linguist general options parameters go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Workflow and access > Linguist general options.

Table 22. Linguist general options parameters



Allow linguists to download

You can enable users to download tasks, work offline and then upload the completed file. The available options are:

  • Source

  • Target

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • TMX

  • TIPP


  • XLIFF – no target populated

  • XTM Excel Editor

  • Excel extended table

  • Excel multilingual

  • Alternative translation

  • PDF review

  • Unclean doc

Allow linguists to upload

You can enable users to upload any of the following options:

  • Target

  • TIPP


  • Excel

  • PDF review

Allow setup of File upload/download options by project managers

This parameter is disabled by default.

If you enable it, you will let Project Managers change Linguist’s permission to download and upload files using Project and Customer configuration.

Show statistics of finished tasks to linguists

This parameter is displayed if you selected the Enable processing statistics of finished tasks in Configuration > Settings > Projects > Statistics processing.

If enabled, Linguists can access a summary of statistics from the tasks they have completed in the Tasks > Statistics tab.

Allow linguists to use Microsoft Word spelling checker

Enables linguists to use MS spell checker

Allow linguists to use Xbench

Enables linguists to use Xbench

Assign all group tasks to one linguist

This option provides control over how group tasks are assigned to a linguist. There are several options for this item:

  • Only the selected task

  • Only the selected task in all steps in this language

  • All available tasks in selected step

  • All available tasks in the selected step in this language

  • All available tasks in this language

  • All available tasks in project

  • Show all options when performing the action

Show user details in Extended table

Controls the display of a linguist's details in the Extended table:

  • Block

  • Allow

For a project, open XTM Workbench for

Controls access to files when there are multiple translators working on the same target language.

  • All files

  • Only assigned files

Linguist access to TM metadata & Concordance

The options here determine if linguists have access to the concordance tab in the translator’s in-box. This tab allows the translator to search the TM for phrases and find concordance matches. If you do give linguists access to this data, the options allow you to set how much potentially confidential data in concordance and TM metadata is displayed to the user.

  • Full access

  • Access without customer details

  • Access without customer or project details

  • No access

Prefer XTM Workbench in XTM Visual mode (if available)

If you set preference of XTM Visual mode over the standard mode, the Open in Visual mode option is set to default when opening projects in XTM Workbench.

Pre-processing: show original source in a column

Enables linguists to see the original source language when translating into the target language in XTM Workbench.

Show Customer name on LSP account

Specifies whether LSPs can see your customer’s:

  • No - neither name nor nickname

  • Only nickname

  • Only name

Terminology access level

Specifies the level of customer details translators can see in the terminology metadata

TMX download options

The available options are:

  • Translated segments plus all matches from entire file

  • Translated segments assigned from entire file

  • Translated segments plus all matches assigned to the user

  • Translated segments assigned to the user

  • Translated segments modified by the user only