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XTM Cloud 13.4

Merging and unmerging segments

Once the segment has been merged, a note is displayed in the target segment Merged with preceding segment, while the merged source segment is grayed-out.

Merged with the preceding segment

Segment merged with the preceding segment

Merging and unmerging of segments – general rules:
  • You can only merge segments that originated from the same paragraph in the source document. In XTM Workbench these segments are separated by a dotted line. You cannot merge segments from different paragraphs. These segments are separated by a solid line.

  • When you need to merge more than two segments, always start merging from the last segment. For example, if you wish to merge segments 1, 2, 3, first merge segment 3 with 2 and then 2 with 1.

  • The opposite applies when unmerging segments – start unmerging from the first segment.

  • You cannot merge a segment with another segment that is in the read-only mode.

  • You cannot merge segments if one of them is a file repetition.

To unmerge two merged segments
  1. Right-click the segment with the note Merged with the preceding segment to bring up the context menu.

  2. From the context menu choose Segment options and then Unmerge the preceding segment.

Unmerging segments

Unmerging segments from the context menu