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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adding penalty profile in the Project Editor
To add a penalty profile in the Project Editor:
  1. Select Projects > Project list.

  2. Use the Simple search or Advanced search functionality to display the relevant project.

  3. From the context menu icon bars-solid.png to the left of the relevant project, select circle-info-solid-black.svg Show general (default).

    Result: Project Editor > circle-info-solid-black.svg General info tab screen is displayed for the relevant project.

  4. In the circle-info-solid-black.svg General info tab screen, in the General info section, select TM language variant penalty profile.

  5. Select the relevant TM language variant penalty profile from the dropdown.

  6. Select Save.

TM penalty profile works only on the language variant. It supersedes all other penalty profiles. Other penalty profiles work on the remaining languages if present in the project.