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XTM Cloud 13.4

Words, time per linguist, language and task report

Use this report to see information about the number of segments and words received vs. words translated / processed, and about the time spent on the task and on the job in the selected project(s). You can run this report based on target or source statistics.


This report is connected with the Statistics processing functionality, which can be enabled and configured by your XTM Cloud Administrator. For details, see Statistics processing.

In this report you only see information about your internal projects and tasks assigned to internal Linguists. It does NOT show projects and tasks assigned to LSPs.

Business use case

This report is particularly useful if you want to analyze the effort actually invested by your internal linguists (excluding subcontractors) on different projects.

Running the Words, time per linguist, language and task report.

In this report, all projects are displayed in one table. In it, each table row displays the data for one project file, in one workflow step, in target language, in one project.

In the Words, time per linguist, language and task report, you see the following information about the selected projects:

  • Project name.

  • Project ID.

  • File name.

  • Assignee.

  • Step name.

  • Target language.

  • Task status.

  • Segment.

  • Words received.

  • Words translated / processed.

  • Time spent on the job (automatic time tracking) [hh:mm:ss].

  • Time spent on the task (from start workflow to finish workflow) [dd:hh].

  • Start date.

  • Finish date.