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XTM Cloud 13.4

Creating a project group
To create a new project group:
  1. Select Projects > Project list.

  2. Select the Advanced search tab.

  3. In the Advanced search tab screen, select the relevant filter parameters and select Search.

  4. Select Save as.

  5. In the Save as popup, set the following parameters:

    1. In the Type parameter, select Project group.

    2. In the Visible parameter, select one of the available options:

      • Only to me – for the group to be only visible to the group creator.

        The project groups that are only visible to you are marked with the user icon circle-user-solid.svg in the Groups dropdown.

      • To all Project Managers – for the group to be visible to all Project Managers.

    3. In the Name text field, enter a unique group name.

    4. From the Sort by dropdown list, select one of the sorting options.

      To add or remove sorting options, see Customizable columns in the project list.

    5. From the Sort order dropdown list, select one of the sorting options:

      • Ascending (default).

      • Descending.

  6. Select:

    • Save to save a new project group.

    • Cancel to stop creating a new project group.