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XTM Cloud 13.4

Calculating EDC score using CharacTER algorithm

To calculate the cost, enable the Calculate cost based on edit distance parameter in Configuration > Data > Estimates > Cost settings > Cost Settings section. Once your discount factors are configured, you can start generating project costs based on Edit Distance Calculation (EDC). In your MT project, when the post-editing step is finished, you can generate costs based on statistics. The project costs will then reflect the applicable discount factors.

There are two types of EDC reports you can generate:

  • Extended Table – this report presents EDC score for each segment, for each workflow step and for each language. It can be downloaded as an HTML, PDF, or Excel file.

  • Project cost – this report presents metrics and assignment per step. This report provides you with insights into the total project cost before and after a discount based on EDC score was applied. You will also see the resulting cost saving percentage based on edit distance.