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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adding an LSP 


Your XTM Cloud Administrator must first enable subcontracting in your XTM Cloud instance, so that you can set up a connection with a subcontractor and send projects to them. For details, see Enabling subcontracting.

  1. Select Users > LSPs

  2. Select the Add LSP button.

  3. In the General information section, enter the subcontractor’s:

    1. Company name.

    2. First name and Last name of the contact person.

    3. Email address of the contact person.

  4. Optionally add:

    1. a mailing address.

    2. more contact details.

    3. choose a user to be a Dummy user for cost generation.

  5. Optionally assign a Project Manager and decide which details of the Contractor PM you want to share with your subcontractors:

    1. Project Manager – You can assign one of your Project Managers to manage all the projects created on the LSP account. If you leave this field blank, then all Project Managers in your XTM Cloud instance will get emails about a relevant project.

    2. Display Contractor PM details on LSP’s account – If you select this checkbox, the LSP can see details of the PM who manages a project on the contractor’s side. If the contractor PM changes, the change will not be updated in the LSP instance.

    3. Contractor PM details – choose which details to share:

      • Username.

      • User ID.

      • First and last name.

      • Initials.

  6. At the bottom of the screen, select Add