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XTM Cloud 13.4

How to reduce analysis time

Several factors have an impact on the speed of the analysis of content. To speed up the translation process, bear in mind that enabling these options will increase the time needed to analyze content.

Consider disabling options slowing down the analysis, such as:

  • Machine Translation enabled.

  • Multiple target languages.

    Adding multiple target languages can extend analysis time.

  • Large files.

    Files larger than 550 MB can significantly slow down the file processing even up to a few hours.

  • Excel files with hidden content.

    Excel files with hidden content slow down file processing.

    Use a version of a file without hidden content.

  • Translation Memory size.

  • Fuzzy match enabled.

  • JMS (Java Message Service) enqueuing mechanism

  • Auto-populating segments (Used options to auto-complete (set to done) segments for steps)

  • Adobe files.

    Native Adobe files with extensions have to be converted, slowing down the file processing.

  • These include:

    • PSD (Photoshop).

    • AI (Illustrator).

    • INDD (InDesign).

    • PDF (Acrobat).