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XTM Cloud 13.4

Archiving projects

Limitations in the interaction between a contractor and an LSP instance:

LSPs cannot:
  • activate projects archived by the contractor

  • archive or activate projects that have been created and assigned by the contractor unless the contractor archives or activates them in the contractor’s instance first


The status displayed in the project info tooltip will be Active until the subcontractor decides to manually archive the project in their system.

Projects in the contractor’s instance:
  • manually archived: if the contractor manually archives the project, the same project is automatically archived in the subcontractor’s instance – it is moved from the Current projects to Archived projects.

  • auto-archived: a project automatically archived in the contractor’s instance is grayed out in the subcontractor’s instance. The status displayed in the project info tooltip will be Active. However, it is still visible under the Current projects list and it can be archived by the subcontractor. Information under the star icon provides more detailed information about what happened to the auto-archived project in the contractor’s system