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XTM Cloud 13.4

General options

XTM Cloud Administrators must connect a Machine Translation engine so that linguists can benefit from Machine Translation matches. During the setup, Administrators can decide whether to insert Machine Translation matches directly into the target segments, ready for post-MT editing.

To set the values of the General options parameters for all MT engines:
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine translation > MT engines.

  2. From the section MT engines, select the required machine translation engine.

  3. In the General options section, select relevant values for the following parameters:

    1. Do not search for an MT match when one of the selected matches exists – Select one or more of the available options:

      • ICE.

      • Leveraged.

      • Repetition.

      • 95-99% fuzzy.

      • 85-94% fuzzy.

      • 75-84% fuzzy.

      • 95-99% fuzzy repetition.

      • 85-94% fuzzy repetition.

      • 75-84% fuzzy repetition.

    2. Populate target with match - Select one of the available options from the dropdown list:

      • Never.

      • Only if inlines are the same.

      • Always, fixing inline differences.

    3. Set MT matches to done - Select one of the available options from the dropdown list:

      • Never.

      • All steps.

      • First step only.

      • All except last step.

  4. Select Save


If any MT engine has been enabled on the project, all segments without TM matches are sent for MT matching. You can also send segments that have varying levels of TM matches.