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XTM Cloud 13.4

Modifying the workflow and setting dues dates for steps

Once a project has been created, the workflow can be modified and due dates set. You can do this at several levels:

  • Project.

  • Language.

  • Group.

  • File.

Due dates can be updated collectively for all languages with the same workflow.

To view any due dates that have been set, select the Show due date checkbox. The date is then displayed below each step and any expired dates are highlighted in red.

To edit the workflow or add or modify due dates, select the Change workflow / due dates button. As a result, the Workflow editor popup is displayed.

The Workflow editor popup is displayed

In the Workflow editor popup, you can:

  • add workflow steps.

  • specify the functionality of workflow steps.

  • select the blocking mechanism between steps.

  • delete workflow steps.

  • select the LQA function for each step individually:

    • No – LQA is disabled.

    • No, but show existing errors – LQA only displays errors reported in previous steps.

    • Yes, save result in user record – the LQA result for the translator from the previous step is saved in the thumbs-up-solid.svg Rating tab screen, in the Edit user window.

    • Yes, don’t save result in user record – LQA is enabled but results are not saved with Linguists.

  • set the TM status to approved for every change in the target segment.

  • set the due date for each step in the workflow.

  • specify if a task can only be finished when all segments in it have been set to Completed. If you select this option, Linguists will not be able to finish a task until all segments are completed neither using the Finish button, in XTM Workbench nor using a keyboard shortcut.


    If ICE and/or leveraged matches in the relevant project have been populated with target, but not set to Completed, they can be locked manually or by the Mark segments as locked when option. In this case Linguists will not be able to finish task until these segments are unlocked and set to Completed.

To add a workflow step:
  1. Select where you want to insert the step and then click the plus-circle-solid.svg icon. A new step is displayed.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select the required step function.


    Selecting a step function .

  3. Specify the blocking mechanism between the steps by selecting the appropriate symbol from the dropdown menu.


    Selecting the blocking mechanism between steps

    See Blocking mechanism between workflow steps table for information about blocking mechanisms.

To delete a step in the workflow:
  1. Select the step that you want to delete.

  2. To delete the step, click the minus-circle-solid_red.svg icon.