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XTM Cloud 13.4

History docked panel

Saving, versioning, and restoring segments

Every change that you make in a segment is automatically saved when you click away from the segment. XTM automatically stores a full version history of each segment. There are two storage mechanisms:

  1. The changed segment is automatically saved on the server.

  2. The segment is saved locally in the browser's temporary cache. This acts as a backup if the Internet connection is down.

XTM adds to the history each time the segment is saved. The information includes the date and time of the change along with its author.

Viewing segment history in XTM Workbench
  • Place the mouse cursor in the selected segment and then select the History docked panel.

Restoring segments in XTM Workbench
  1. Go to the History docked panel.

  2. You can view any previous version of the current segment. To restore it, select the circular arrow restore_button.png.

History docked panel WB.png

Restoring segments in XTM Workbench

You can also restore segments from the local backup.