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XTM Cloud 13.4

Fonts in XTM Workbench

You can edit the font of the XTM Workbench workspace (the text in the segments), interface, and docked panels (tab panels).

Linguists working across different scripts:

Choose a font such as Noto font, designed to cover all the scripts encoded in the Unicode standard.

All fonts in XTM Workbench:
  • Arial

  • Courier

  • DaunPenh

  • Leelawadee

  • MS Gothic

  • MS Mincho

  • Noto

  • Preeti

  • Roboto

  • SimSun

  • Tahoma

  • Times New Roman

  • Verdana

  • Vrinda

Changing the font in XTM Workbench

You can edit which fonts to use and their size and weight. You can set different font settings for each level: for the workspace – 7 size levels are available, and for the interface and the docked panels – 3 size levels.

  1. In XTM Workbench, go to Settings > Fonts.

  2. Select the required font from the dropdown.

  3. Optional: Select the font's weight and size: use the font size slider or the minus icon minus.png or the plus icon plus.png to determine the right size.

  4. Select Save.