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XTM Cloud 13.4

Automatic file grouping


The automatic file grouping is only possible, if the number of project source files exceeds the number set by your XTM Cloud Administrator in the Show Grouping when project has more that X files parameter. For details, see the Project views settings topic.

To automatically group files:
  1. Select Projects tab.

  2. In the Project list tab screen, select the relevant project in which you want to group files automatically.

  3. In the Project Editor, select the users_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Groups tab. In it:

    • to only apply file grouping for a specific target language, from the dropdown list, select the relevant language.

    • to apply file grouping for all target languages, from the dropdown list, select All languages.

  4. Select the Group automatically button.

  5. In the new popup window, specify the value for one of the following parameters:

    • the Number of files in one group that is the maximum number of files allowed in a group.

    • the Number of groups that is the maximum number of groups to be created.

  6. In the popup, select the Group files button and then the Close button.