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XTM Cloud 13.4

Find and replace

You can search for a word in either the source or target text. However, you can only find the word in the source text, but not replace it. In this case, the replace buttons are greyed out.

Using Find and replace In XTM Workbench
  1. Right-click in a segment to open the context menu. Go to Find and replace.

    • Alternatively, use a shortcut – the default value is Ctrl+F.

  2. Type the searched phrase in the Search field.

  3. Type the replacement in the Replace field.

  4. There are several search options to find segments where you can

    1. Search Case sensitive: The text is the same case

    2. Match whole words: The whole word is matched and not part of it

    3. Match whole segments: The whole segment is the same

    4. Include in target history: The segment history is included in the search

    5. Include segments assigned to other users: Segments assigned to other users are included

    6. Include segments from all files: All files in the project are included in the search

    7. Match the count of whitespaces: Take into consideration the count of whitespaces

    8. Use regular expressions

  5. Select the Find previous or Find next button, depending on which direction you want to start the search.

  6. When the word is found, the Replace and Replace all buttons become active. Select the Replace button to just replace this phrase, or Replace all to replace all occurrences of the phrase in the document.

  7. The search mechanism displays the following options:

    • Go to the first result found in the document (message: You’ve reached the last result. Select ‘Find next’ to search from the beginning.)

    • Go to the last result found in the document (message: You’ve reached the first result. Select ‘Find previous’ to search from the end.)

While the Replace all action is taking place, all the segments in the document will be locked and greyed out. Depending on the size of the document, Replace all can take several minutes. Once the replacement of all words in the project or document has finished, you will receive information about how many occurrences of the given phrase have been replaced and in which files.


In some cases, it is not possible to perform Replace all due to

  • locked segments

  • existing ICE matches

The Replace all button then changes to Skip.


To replace double spaces, simply enter space twice in the Search field and then enter a single space in the Replace field. Select Replace all to get rid of those pesky double spaces!