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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adding a new tag group and the associated tags
To add a new tag group and the associated tags:
  1. Select Configuration > Data > Tags > Tags.

  2. Select the Add button.

  3. In the Create tag group popup:

    1. in the Tag group section:

      • in the Tag group text field, enter the tag group name.

      • from the Customer multiple selection list, select the relevant customer(s).

    2. in the Tags section, create individual tags:

      • in the Tag text field, enter the required tag.

      • for each individual tag, select for which customers it will be available:

        • All customers selected (default).

        • Specific customers. – The list of available customers depends on the selection made in the Tag group section of the popup.

          Use the Customer multiple selection list in the Tags section to select the relevant customer(s).

    3. At the bottom of the popup, select Save.


XTM Cloud automatically replaces spaces with underscores.