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XTM Cloud 13.4

Segment filtering

Apply last: Applies the last filter used in this function

Favourite filters: Your favorite filters selected from the context menu.

Clear filters: The option becomes visible when any filter is activated. When the filter is deactivated, the Apply last option is displayed.

Choose filters: The option opens the Apply filters popup allowing for filter application.

When one or more filters have been applied, the Segment filtering icon turns blue.

To switch off the filtering option and show all segments
  • Select Filter filter-solid.png > Clear filters.

Creating combined filters

You can create advanced, customized filters by joining two or more segment filters together with the use of AND/OR operators and by saving the combination as a Combined filter. You can also save frequently used configurations of a single filter for convenient reuse.


Filters in the form of already existing templates can’t be included in the new combined filter.

To create a combined filter
  1. In XTM Workbench, go to Filter filter-solid.png > Choose filters.

  2. In the Apply filters popup select the box next to one or more filters on the list and configure the filter parameters.

  3. In the popup, check the Exclude box to exclude segments meeting that condition from the display.

  4. If more than one filter is selected, choose whether to join the filters using the AND or OR operators by using the radio buttons at the top of the window.

    1. The AND operator means all of the conditions must be met for a segment to be displayed.

    2. The OR operator means that only one of the selected conditions must match segments to be displayed.

  5. Type a template name and then select Save to save the selection in the form of a template.

  6. Your new combined filter will be visible under the Combined filters tab.

To edit segment filters
  1. In XTM Workbench, go to Filter filter-solid.png > Choose filters.

  2. Select the filter you wish to edit to open the Apply filters popup.

  3. Select the Manage button to go to the segment filters popup window under the Settings tab.

  4. Make the necessary changes. Here, you can deactivate favorite filters or edit, or delete filters.

  5. Select Save to save the changes or Apply to make use of them straight away.