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XTM Cloud 13.4

Metrics, custom fields included report

Use this report to see the current project metrics which are updated after the relevant translation memory has been imported or updated, and project custom fields.

Business use case

This report is particularly useful whenever you want to analyze the current project scope by language. Custom fields can further help you categorize the relevant projects to spot interesting trends.

Running the Metrics, custom fields included report.

In this report, all projects are displayed in one table. In it, each table row displays data for one target language in one project.

In the Metrics, custom fields included report, you see the following information about the selected projects:

  • Creation date.

  • Due date.

  • Client name.

  • Customer.

  • Project Manager.

  • Creator.

  • [Custom field names] - Custom fields can be created by your XTM Cloud Administrator (see Project custom fields).

  • Project name.

  • Project ID.

  • Source language.

  • Target language.

  • No matching.

  • ICE match.

  • Leveraged match.

  • 95-99% fuzzy match.

  • 85-94% fuzzy match.

  • 75-84% fuzzy match.

  • Machine translation.

  • Repeat.

  • 95-99% fuzzy rep. match.

  • 85-94% fuzzy rep. match.

  • 75-84% fuzzy rep. Match.

  • Non-translatable.