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XTM Cloud 13.4

LQA settings

The LQA feature in XTM Cloud is a translation quality scoring system based on the Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM) model.

The resulting LQA system as implemented in XTM Cloud is:
  • flexible – a scoring system that balances sophistication and simplicity.

  • fair – when possible, the cause of the problem can be identified.

  • suitable for all translation methods including Machine Translation.

  • comparable: results from different tests can be compared.

  • based on standards – MQM makes extensive use of ISO/TS 11669 as the basis for its dimensions. MQM contains a catalog of over 120 issue types with definitions and examples.

  • granular – supports varying degrees of granularity.

In Configuration > Settings > LQA, you can select the entire list of issues or any subset of them. You can also set the weight for each item and severity multiplier for neutral, minor, major and critical items, or add new errors.

You can also specify whether the issues are to be displayed in XTM Workbench and whether the report is to be a flat list or arranged in a hierarchy.