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Technical Specification for XTM Cloud 13.6

Workflow Management

  • Project Managers can define new workflow steps (CAT tool or administrative steps) and create new workflow definitions for use when creating a project

  • Fully editable workflow with the ability to add and delete steps, files, and languages to a project or update the source files in a continuous project

  • Option to split jobs into bundles to allow multiple users to work concurrently, or group files together for easier management

  • Control to move jobs forwards and backwards within the workflow, and to set due dates for each step in the workflow

  • Resources automatically advised by email of new or changed tasks or when a task is reaching or has passed its due date

  • Possible to include a pre-processing step in workflow for correcting the source document, segment locking, and translating via a pivot language

  • Possible to subcontract tasks to third-party LSPs securely by creating a connection between different XTM systems

  • Project Managers can speed up the translation process and cut costs by setting up filter templates