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Technical Specification for XTM Cloud 13.6

Terminology Management

  • Multilingual terms are linked to a term concept

  • Automatic terminology extraction during file analysis and AI-driven bilingual terminology extraction during file alignment based on XTM’s proprietary Inter Language Vector Space technology

  • User-definable tags and fields with a customizable layout, with the possibility to tag terms with user-defined tags and then create and apply penalty profiles for term matching based on the tags

  • Terms highlighted in source text with metadata shown in a popup

  • Add new terms or edit terms from within XTM Workbench

  • Terms and their translations automatically displayed in a docked panel

  • Import and export terms as CSV, MTF, XLS or TBX 1.0

  • Post-review consistency check

  • Cross-references from one term concept to another

  • Full-term history available

  • Individual terminology editing rights for specific users