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Technical Specification for XTM Cloud 13.6

Project Management

  • User management permits the definition of roles, with control over access to steps in the workflow, TM, Terminology & customer data

  • Straightforward project creation and resource allocation that can be automated by using project templates

  • User-configurable dashboards provide an overview of management data and project status

  • Users can define additional fields for projects

  • Allocation of tasks directly to linguists, groups of linguists on a “first-come-first-served” or priority basis or subcontract tasks to third-party language service providers

  • A comprehensive set of management reports based on real-time metrics, translator statistics, project costs, delivery dates

  • Real-time statistics of work completed for each linguist as figures and graphs, including automatic or manual time logging

  • Price and delivery estimates are automatically generated per job, per language, and per project, which can be downloaded to an Excel file

  • Purchase Orders generated using the supplier’s rate card, enabling calculation of the total project cost

  • Depending on the source file, possible to generate and download source and target, preview translations in pdf, html, or generate them as XLIFF, multi-file XLIFF, TIPP, Excel, unclean doc, and TMX files

  • Query management module enables project communication among all XTM Cloud project's stakeholders by leveraging the chat functionality