XTM Cloud v 13.1

User Rating

The data displayed in Users > Rating provides information about the average quality and punctuality scores as well as quality scores for each project separately. To view the list of projects delivered on time or late switch to the Punctuality tab. Project Managers can check linguist scores and project details to see if a linguist is a good choice for the task at hand.


The Quality tab displays the Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) results for the linguist. Results are collected from LQAs that are performed in the workflow step after the step to which the linguist was assigned. LQA results are stored for linguists only when the option “Yes, save result in user record” was selected from the LQA dropdown list in the Edit Workflow window.


The Punctuality tab displays the timeliness of deliveries by a specific linguist expressed as a percentage value. XTM automatically verifies when a project has been finished on each workflow step and calculates the average score.