XTM Cloud v 13.1

SYSTRAN Pure Neural™

The machine translation engine details are available here.

Thanks to the Neural Fuzzy Augmented powered by SYSTRAN, it is possible to improve machine translation matches using the highest fuzzy matches coming from the translation memory up to the 84% threshold.

For the Neural Fuzzy Augmented, SYSTRAN offers two types of accounts:

  • Free translation of 1.000.000 characters per calendar month

  • Pro unlimited translation

Enabling Neural Fuzzy Augmented

  1. Go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine translation > General options. Deselect the 75-84% fuzzy checkbox.

  2. In the SYSTRAN MT tab, select the Enable Neural Fuzzy Augmented matches checkbox.

  3. Select when to send text for matching:

    1. In XTM Workbench

    2. After analysis

    3. After analysis and in XTM Workbench

A fuzzy machine translation match based on an existing fuzzy translation can be accessed in the Matches panel in XTM Workbench if:

  • the maximum level of fuzzy match is 84%

  • there is no higher match than fuzzy in the segment (ICE, leverage, repetition)

  • there is at least one fuzzy match in the 75-84% range