XTM Cloud v 13.1

Segment filters settings in XTM Workbench

The Segment filters tab allows you to customize the list of filters and filter profiles that you see by making them inactive and invisible in the list. Filter profiles created by an Administrator are indicated by the exclamation icon. Profiles created by an Administrator can be used but cannot be edited.

By default, all the filters are active, and none are marked as favorite. Your system Administrator can change these default settings.

Segment filters can additionally be marked as “Favourite” (clicking on the star).

Creating a favorite segment filter in XTM Workbench
  1. Go to Settings > Segment filters.

  2. Select the star icon star.png to select a filter.

  3. Select Save to approve changes and close the Settings popup.

All the favorite filters are available from the Filter menu filter-solid.png.

Favourite filters.png