XTM Cloud v 13.1

Searching for Projects

When displaying the list of projects first decide if you want to view your projects (My projects) or projects owned by all Project Managers (All). Then you have the option of viewing Current projects, Archived projects, or All projects.

To refine your search there are two options for finding projects:

  • Simple search - select simple search tab to make it active and then type in the search field. XTM will then search against the project name, ref. ID, customer name, source language, date created, due date, minimum status, or maximum status.


    Project simple search

  • Advanced search - select advanced search tab to make it active


    Project advanced search

For the target language field, once you have selected target languages, you have the option to find projects containing:

  • any of the selected target languages

  • all the selected target languages

  • only the selected target languages

Select the pen icon pen-solid.png by the target languages field to open a pop-up window where you can specify these criteria.


Advanced search for target languages

Additionally, you can filter by the target language workflow status:

  • Started

  • Not started

  • Finished

  • Not finished