XTM Cloud v 13.1

Running the Multi-project LQA report
To run the Multi-project LQA report:
  1. Go to Projects > Project list > Actions.

  2. From the Project list , select all projects for which you would like to run the report.

  3. From the dropdown list, select the Multi-project LQA report.

  4. Select the Run button.

    The Multi-project LQA popup appears.

  5. In the Multi-project LQA popup, select required values for the required parameter:


    The parameters available for the Multi-project LQA

    Table 41. Multi-project LQA popup parameters



    Single select / Multiselect

    Valid values

    LQA report date created

    Dropdown list

    Single select

    • Today

    • Custom range

      After selecting this option, an obligatory Date created field appears.

      Select the required date range using the date picker.

    • Current week

    • Previous week

    • Current month

    • Previous month

    • Current quarter

    • Previous quarter

    • Current year

    • Previous year

    • Current financial quarter

    • Previous financial quarter

    • Current financial year

    • Previous financial year


    Dropdown list


    Predefined evaluee list


    Dropdown list


    Predefined evaluator list

    Workflow steps

    Dropdown list


    Predefined workflow steps list

    Target languages

    Dropdown list


    Predefined target languages list

As a result:

A folder with zipped XLSX file appears under the downloaded files in your browser. Extract and open the file to see your report.