XTM Cloud v 13.1

Project Editor: Workflow

To access Project Editor Workflow tab:
  1. Go to Projects and click the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to the required project.

  2. Select Manage workflow.

  3. For languages with workflows, an additional dropdown list allows you to filter the displayed languages. By filtering languages, you can easily batch update due dates for languages with the same workflow.

  4. To find individual files, select the language button, or alternatively select a language from the dropdown menu.


Project Editor: Workflow overview

On this page Project Managers can carry out many functions relating to the workflow:

  • Open XTM Workbench in a read or write modes to view the task

  • Check Metrics

  • Split the file into bundles

  • View the details of linguists and jobs

  • Allocate linguists to the various tasks

  • Move the jobs forwards and backwards in the workflow

  • Upload XLIFF files

  • Roll the project backward

  • Download source files

  • Run a selection of reports about the project