XTM Cloud v 13.1

Processing XLIFF files

In addition to processing standard XLIFF files, XTM can process the following specific bilingual XLIFF files:

  • Easyling

  • Ixiasoft


For Easyling and Ixiasoft if the trans-unit contains more than one sentence, then XTM will not segment the text further and will display all the text from the trans-unit in one cell.

SDLXLIFF has two options:

  1. segmented source: XTM keeps the segmentation and does not segment the text further.

  2. un-segmented source: XTM segments the source.

To maintain the SDL segmentation and ensure that the TM is consistent between the two tools, we recommend using option 1.

There are four ways in which XTM can be configured to interpret SDLXLIFF translations:

  1. Translated segments are matched as ICE.

  2. Translated segments are matched as a Leveraged match. This will look similar to ICE but will not have the ICE green status.

  3. Translated segments are put as the target in XTM Workbench, without any match.

  4. XTM will take the level of the match from the source file in <sdl> node,

    adapting it to XTM standards: if the match is below fuzzy-75%, XTM will round it up to 75%

Example 20. Example
<sdl:seg id="52" conf="Draft" origin="tm" origin-system="General Content EN-UK TM Seq" percent="55"/>

When the text in <target> nodes in the source file is the same as in the <source> node, XTM will just ignore the filled-out target.

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