XTM Cloud v 13.1

Preparing InDesign files for translation in XTM
  1. Make sure that the InDesign file has the correct file structure.

    • Avoid using text for translation inside images. Text inside raster images (such as png/jpg/jpeg) cannot be sent for translation

    • Make sure to show hidden characters

    • Use hard return correctly (to create a new paragraph, not to wrap text)

    • Avoid using tabulation: use indentation instead

    • Use Paragraph styles to format text

    • Make sure that the language attribute is applied correctly

    • Pay attention to hyphenation

  2. Make sure that the content you do not want to translate is either on the hidden or locked layer. By default, it is not extracted by XTM.

  3. Design text boxes so that there is plenty of space left for translation which might be significantly longer than the source text. If the text box is too small, the translated text overflows and requires additional DTP.

  4. Choose IDML rather than INDD files to avoid issues related to versioning.

  5. Use InDesign packages to enable translating in context. To create an InDesign package, go to File> Package. The resulting zip folder contains all images and fonts. Once uploaded to XTM,

  6. The upload limit on XTM Cloud is 550 MBs. The upload limit on most private servers is 150 MBs.