XTM Cloud v 13.1

Omniscien Language Studio

XTM has been integrated directly with the Language Studio translation and training platform using the Language Studio API.

Before setting up XTM to work with Language Studio, you create an account with Omniscien. Then using the information provided from Omniscien complete the fields in this configuration section. You can then set within each customer record whether you wish to use Language Studio or when creating a new project, you have the opportunity to switch on Language Studio and change the default settings for the Language Studio project and Domain.

The integration works in the following way: When you create a new project, XTM analyses the source file and matches the segments with your TM. XTM then sends the XLIFF to Language studio for matching of any unmatched segments. This may take some time so the project creation will take longer than is normally the case. Once complete, Language Studio sends the matched XLIFF back to XTM and the file is ready for translation in XTM Workbench.