XTM Cloud v 13.1

Linguist workflow options

To access the Linguist workflow options parameters go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Workflow and access > Linguist workflow options.

Table 16. Linguist workflow options parameters



Reassign updated task to the original user group

Reassigns the project to the original group of linguists instead of the linguist who worked on the project, when updating files under the continuous project function.

Finish or reject tasks in XTM Workbench

Enables linguist to finish or reject the task from within XTM Workbench by clicking on an icon, rather than doing it from the Tasks tab. The available options are:

  • Do not allow

  • Finish only

  • Finish or reject manually

  • Finish or reject automatically depending on segment status

Message when linguist finishes any step

A customized message for the linguist at the end of each step with an instruction to confirm before the task moves on.

Message when linguist finishes last step

A customized message for the linguist at the end of the last step in the workflow with an instruction to confirm before finishing the task.

Check inconsistency when linguist finishes any step (Checks for subcontracted projects are set in principal system)

Checks the translation for inconsistencies and will display a custom message that the linguist needs to acknowledge before finishing the task. If a task has been subcontracted, then the behavior of this parameter is governed by the settings on main system, as the settings on the subcontractor’s system are not taken into account. The available checks are:

  • Fuzzy match used but not edited

  • Different translations for the same source text

  • The same translation for different source texts

  • Invalid inline tags

  • Incomplete segments - the custom alert message is displayed when a task still has red or orange segments

  • Spelling & QA

Message when XTM finds an inconsistency

A customized message for the linguist with the information about what kind of errors and inconsistencies there are.

You can leave the textbox empty.