XTM Cloud v 13.1

Leveraged matches

To access the Leveraged matches parameters go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > TM > Leveraged matches.

Table 9. Leveraged matches parameters



Search only if there are no ICE matches

By default, if there is an ICE, XTM does not look for a leveraged match. You can change this behavior by selecting the checkbox.

Show leveraged matches

The options that determine if the match is shown to the translator are:

  • Yes

  • Only if its approval status is higher that the ice of leveraged match

  • Only if its XLIFF:doc status is higher than the ICE or leveraged match

  • Only if its XTM and XLIFF:doc status is higher than the ICE or leveraged match

  • No

Populate target with match

The options that determine if the leveraged match is automatically entered into the target are:

  • Always even if inlines are different

  • Only if inline tags are the same

  • Never

Number of matches to display

Enter the number of matches between 1 and 5 to display in the box

Save context of leveraged matches in TM when automatically set to done

If you select this option, when a 100% leveraged match is automatically set to done, it will be saved with context information. The result of this is that in future projects, you should get an increased percentage of ICE matches.

Set leveraged matches from approved TM to done

It enables you to set for which steps in the workflow, the status of segments with this kind of match, should be automatically set to done. It is important to note that 100% leveraged matches with inline differences are not marked as done and remain orange.

Set leveraged matches from not approved TM to done

As above but this relates to TM that has not been approved yet.