XTM Cloud v 13.1

Customer Editor — Settings

The visibility and default values in Customer > Settings cascade down from the system settings, which are set by the Administrator under Configuration > Settings > Translation. In Customer > Settings you can customize the system settings for each Customer.

In the following table you can find examples of settings that you can customize at Customer level.



Project Options

Check the Alternative translation checkbox if you want to modify the default setting for this customer. Then enter the number of alternatives that you want to show in XTM Workbench.

Check the Use Anonymization checkbox if you want to mask sensitive data in translation projects with a placeholder.

Machine translation

If needed, change the global Machine Translation settings for a particular Customer.

From the Use MT options dropdown select one of the available options:

  • Don't display — to hide Machine Translation matching settings when creating projects for this Customer

  • System default — to apply global Machine Translation settings for this Customer

  • Custom specific — to set different Machine Translation settings for this Customer

You can disable DeepL Machine Translation by unselecting the Use DeepL Translator checkbox

To use a different DeepL authentication key for a particular Customer
  1. Go to Customers > Customer list > Customer name > Settings

  2. Fill in the Authentication key field

  3. Select Synchronize

    As a result:

    The Synchronization successful message appears and the Glossaries button is displayed.


    When a synchronization error occurs, the following error message appears: Cannot synchronize data with DeepL Translator. Check all connection details. Make sure that you use a correct Authentication key and that your DeepL glossaries and subscription are valid and configured properly.

To see the list of the successfully synchronized DeepL glossaries:
  1. Go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine Translation > DeepL Translator section

  2. Select View next to the Glossaries parameter.

As a result:

The DeepL glossaries popup will appear showing the glossary information:

  • name

  • source language

  • target language

Source file preview

Enter the URL of an external system that will enable linguists to preview the source file while working on the translation.

The 3 fields enable you to enter a URL in the form of http://your_server.com or https://your_server.com To activate this feature you need to create a service with the capability to serve content based on parameters sent by XTM.

XTM automatically sends the following parameters to the service:

  • fileName

  • srcLang

  • tgtLang

  • projectName

  • projectId

The fileName is composed of the file path + file name. If the source file was uploaded as one or more single files then the fileName will simply be the file name. If however the source file was uploaded as a number of files in a directory structure as a zip file, then the fileName is composed of the file path plus the file name.