XTM Cloud v 13.1

Creating smart filters

Smart filters are advanced search settings saved for later use. You can apply smart filters to the Project list to quickly find the relevant projects.

Smart filters are available for use on the Project list. Selecting a filter will perform the configured advanced search and will efficiently return the matching results.

To create a smart filter:
  1. Go to Project list > Advanced search.

  2. Fill in the required filter fields.

  3. Select Search to display search results based on the entered filter values.

  4. Select Save as Project filter.

    The Save as Project filter popup will appear.

  5. In the Save as Project filter popup:

    • Select the required option for the filter Visibility parameter:

      • Only to me

      • To all Project Managers

    • Enter a name for the filter

    • Select the value for the Sort by parameter

    • Select the sorting method:

      • Ascending

      • Descending

  6. Click Save.

Private filters are distinguishable by the user icon circle-user-solid.svg. To change a filter name or delete it, select the icon by the name of the filter.


Smart filters