XTM Cloud v 13.1

Connecting Machine Translation engines

For detailed connect a custom Machine Translation engine.

  1. Go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine translation > MT engines.

  2. Select the required machine translation engine.

  3. In the General options select:

    1. Do not search for an MT match when one of the selected matches exists

    2. Populate target with match

    3. Set MT matches to done

  4. Optionally, for selected engines, you can choose when to Send text for matching: Only for these engines:

    • Google Translate

    • Microsoft Translator

    • Amazon Translate

    • Amplexor MT


    • DeepL Translator

    • BeGlobal MT

    • Iconic MT

    • SAP Translation Hub

  5. Once you have selected your MT engine, decide how you want to have your text analyzed:

    1. In XTM Workbench – the text is sent to an MT only when a user enters a segment in XTM Workbench in the Edit mode. The translation is provided on a segment-to-segment basis.

    2. After analysis – the whole text is sent to MT matching during project analysis. When the user enters XTM Workbench, all segments are filled out with MT matches

    3. After analysis and in XTM Workbench – the whole text is sent to MT matching during project analysis. The text can be resent to the MT on a segment-to-segment basis as in “In XTM Workbench”.

  6. Select Save

All segments without TM matches are sent for MT matching. You can also send segments that have varying levels of TM matches.