XTM Cloud v 13.1

Connecting custom Machine Translation engine
Connecting XTM account to your custom Machine Translation engine
  1. Go to Configuration> Settings > Translation > Machine Translation.

  2. In the MT engines, select the Add custom MT button.

  3. A new window comes up. Fill in all the required details marked with a red asterisk asterisk-solid.png.

    - Custom MT name

    - Username

    - Password

    - Base URL (API Base link)

    - Authentication endpoint

    - Check status endpoint

    - At time intervals (at which the status has to be checked, in seconds)

    - Download translation endpoint

    Optionally, you can also choose:

    - Custom fields (which are configurable for each MT engine).

    - Custom fields prefix (to distinguish custom fields metadata sent to MT from other metadata).

  4. Select Add.

The new MT engine is displayed in the Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine Translation section. You can add it when you create a project or in the Project Editor.