XTM Cloud v 13.1

Automatic archiving

Automatic zipping and archiving is a process that XTM performs daily (auto-archiving). It zips all the files in certain projects and marks them as “Auto zipped”. An auto-zipped project remains on the Project list under the Current tab, but it is italicized, and the project menu icon is grey. All auto-zipped projects can also be manually archived from the project menu.

XTM will automatically zip all projects that fit into these categories:

  • finished projects that have not been used for 5 days

  • unfinished projects that have not been used for 15 days

The term used means that the project has not been opened in XTM Workbench or Project Editor or no action on the Action tab has been taken on the project.

You can customize these time ranges:


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Auto-archived project