XTM Cloud v 13.1

Adding new participants to the existing chat

The Project Manager can add new participants to the existing chat.

To add participants to the existing chat:
  1. In the right corner of the top navigation bar, click the XTM Chat icon chat_icon_grey.png.

  2. Select the relevant chat.


    If needed, you can use the arrow-up-right-from-square-regular.svg Access Query management to see more chats button to open the Query management popup, where you can search for chats using chat filters and sorting options.

  3. In the chat box, select the user icon user-solid.svg.

  4. In the top panel of the participants list, click the Change participants... button.

    As a result:

    A Change chat participants popup appears.

  5. In the Change chat participants popup, select chat participants from the following participant groups:

    • Assigned to project

    • PM/LPM

    • Linguists

    • LSP

    • User groups

    • Language groups

    • Chat groups

  6. To add a chat participant, click on the user name to highlight it and select the green arrow button chevron_right_green.png.

    Alternatively, double-click on the user name.

    As a result:

    The name of the selected user will be greyed out on the left-hand side pane and will appear on the right-hand side pane.

  7. Click Save chat to save your changes.

  8. Click xmark-light.svg or the Close button to close the Change chat participants popup.


The new chat participant will see every message written in the chat since the beginning of the conversation and will be able to start contributing immediately after being added to the chat.