XTM Cloud v 13.1

Adding an LSP 

  1. Go to Users > LSPs

  2. Select the Add LSP button to open a dialog window.

  3. Enter the subcontractor’s:

    1. company name.

    2. contact name.

    3. email address.

  4. Optionally add:

    1. an additional address.

    2. more contact details.

    3. choose a user to be a Dummy user for cost generation.

  5. Optionally  assign a Project Manager and decide which details of the Contractor PM you want to share with your subcontractors:

    1. Project Manager– a person assigned to manage all the projects created on the LSP account. If this field is left blank, then all Project Managers will get emails about a given project.

    2. Display Contractor PM details on LSP’s account– show details of the PM who manages a project on the contractor’s side. If the contractor PM changes, the change will not be updated on the LSP instance.

    3. Contractor PM details – choose which details to share:

      • Username

      • User ID

      • First and last name

      • Initials

  6. Select Add