XTM Cloud v 13.0

XTM standard modules

The following modules are included as standard in all versions of XTM:

XTM Workflow
  • create and manage projects

  • use a template for regularly used settings

  • subcontract work to LSPs

  • customer proposals and supplier costs are automatically calculated

XTM Engine

XTM Engine facilitates accurate and consistent translation thanks to the integration of translation memory and machine translation. XTM extracts the text from the source document and segments the text into sentences or phrases which can be processed in XTM Workbench.

At any stage of the process, XTM Engine provides a preview of the translated document.

Once the translation is complete, a target file is generated, and new translation memory is saved.

XTM Workbench
  • browser-based application

  • multiple translators can work on the same project at the same time

  • real-time metrics

  • concordance

  • access to the previous versions of each text segment

  • control of the length of the target text 

  • commenting segments

XTM QA Manager

Enables checking the translation for:

  • formatting

  • punctuation

  • localization

  • grammar

  • granular QA checks using regular expressions

You can also run objective tests on the quality of translation using the linguistic quality assessment (LQA) functionality.

XTM TM Manager

The translation memory management system enables you to:

  • maintain your translation assets

  • import new TM

  • export selected TMs in an industry-standard format 

 The TM is stored as pairs of phrases in a database and to aid selective reuse, can be tagged with user-defined tags.

XTM Terminology

This feature facilitates a consistent use of the agreed terminology during translation. You can automatically generate a list of terms from your source file or import a list of existing terms into XTM and then edit or add new terms directly from the XTM Workbench.

XTM Offline Editor

XTM Offline Editor works in a similar manner to the online, browser-based version of XTM Workbench.

To find out more about XTM Offline Editor, click here.