XTM Cloud v 13.0

Visual mode in XTM Workbench

The aim of the XTM Visual mode is to show you a preview of the source and target file and then you are able to click on the text in the preview and enter a translation in the target segment. The target preview is immediately updated with the translation which allows you to see the full context of your translation as you are working on it.


Visual mode

The XTM Visual mode in XTM Workbench supports the following formats:

  • HTML

  • XML

  • PDF (supports only editable PDF files)

  • Word files (docsx)

  • InDesign (recommended IDML)


    InDesign is a paid feature and requires a special connector with XTM. Contact our Sales Team for more information:

    Contact Sales

    XTM Sales Team sales@xtm.cloud.

When XTM Workbench detects any of the supported file formats, the Visual mode > Enable option becomes available.


Visual mode enabled

Depending on the type of XML file, in order to view XML files in the Visual mode it is necessary to configure the system with the relevant XSLT style sheets prior to creating the project. To do it, contact XTM International Support for assistance:


Contact XTM Support:


Visual mode enables you to: