XTM Cloud v 13.0

Terminology options

To access the Terminology options parameters go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Terminology > Terminology options.

This tab enables you to select basic terminology options for all users.

Table 23. Terminology options parameters



Highlight all term variants

Determines whether only the term stored in XTM is highlighted or if stemming should be used to highlight all variants of the term in XTM Workbench

Run Terminology extraction

When enabled, XTM will extract a list of candidate terms as an additional step in the file analysis. The candidate terms are produced as an Excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded using the Download option from the project's context menu in the Project list. Extracted terms cannot be downloaded for archived projects.

Use approved terms only

Enables using only terms with the Approved status.

Disable term decoration

While project creation, enables all users to decide whether terms found in the source language should be highlighted in XTM Workbench. When enabled, it will still be possible to select a word and use the context menu to add it to the terminology.

Decorate terms without translations

Uncheck this feature to stop decorating terms without translation for the respective language. When the feature is enabled, terms are decorated in all languages even when there is no translation for them in a specific language.