XTM Cloud v 13.0

Managing projects
To access the Manage projects popup:
  1. On the Project list, go to the Actions tab.

  2. Select one or more projects by selecting a single or multiple checkboxes in the left-hand column.

  3. From the dropdown list select Manage projects and click Run.

    The Manage projects popup contains three tabs:

    • General:

      • Due dates:

        • set the Delivery due date

        • set the Workflow start date

        • set the Workflow finish date

        • select Overwrite existing due dates, as needed

      • Project manager - assign Project Manager

      • Language statuses: - all target languages listed with the status Finished or Not finished

    • Manage workflow of one or more projects

    • Assign linguist - manage linguist assignment for specified steps for one or more projects at once and start and finish the workflows


    Manage projects tab in Project list > Actions