XTM Cloud v 13.0

LQA in XTM Workbench

When LQA has been activated in a step, the LQA docked panel appears in XTM. The user performing LQA can then easily select the error and choose the severity.

Adding LQA errors in XTM Workbench

The user with LQA evaluator’s rights can add LQA errors.

  1. In XTM Workbench, go to the LQA panel, select Add error to open the popup.

  2. Select:

    1. Category.

    2. Severity.

    3. Quantity.

  3. Select Add error to continue evaluation in the segment.

If you have finished evaluation in the segment, select Add error and close to close the popup.


Performing LQA in XTM Workbench

Downloading LQA reports

You can download LQA reports from the context menu in the Project list or the reports item in the context menu on the Files tab of the Project Editor.