XTM Cloud v 13.0

File size limitations in XTM

In the following areas of the program, the file size that you can upload at one time is limited in XTM Cloud to less than 550MB, while in XTM Suite and Private Cloud to less than 150MB.

  • Source files in project creation

  • Reference material for projects or customers

  • Translation memory import

  • Terminology import

  • Customer data import

  • User data import


If you have files that exceed the supported file size, compressing them into a zip file may reduce their size.

XTM automatically deletes old target and preview files from projects. It checks the number of files in the history for each file type and removes old files over a limit. By default, the oldest files are removed if:

  • there are more than 10 files

  • more than 3 files and the total size is greater than 100MB

The limit can be changed on the client’s request.


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