XTM Cloud v 13.0

Customizable columns in the project list

You can choose what data you want to display in the Project list and the order of the columns. This can include data from any Project Custom fields you have created. To do this select the Columns button to open a pop-up window with all available columns. Check the ones you want to show. To change the order of columns, drag the name and drop it in the desired position.

In the Tooltip section of the window, select the tooltips you want to display when you place the cursor on the info i-icon.png icon of a project.


Project list


Drag a column name to change its position on the Project list

Project Managers can also choose to display:

  • the minimum and maximum due dates

  • updated source files

  • updated due dates

  • Remaining WWC (Remaining Total Weighted Word Count)

  • Total WWC (Total Weighted Word Count)


Adding min and max due dates column to the Project list